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Pure Emu Oil from Emu in Virginia

    is refined in a specialty refinery for emu oil and is certified by 'The American Emu Association' and the inspectors  of 'The American Oil Chemists Society' to be of the highest Quality, meeting or exceeding the standards of the American Emu Association for Pure Emu Oil.


PURE EMU OIL is a biologically active natural oil, highly regarded for its ability to relieve pain and inflammation of injured tissues, muscles and joints, and to enhance skin healing.  The unique trycliceride combination of the fatty acids in Pure Emu Oil feed topical nutrition to skin and tissues - offering a natural boost to the bodies own ability to restore balance and wellness. 

Emu in Virginia sells the Best Emu Oil for the lowest price.

A  2oz  blue  glass-bottle  (unique for Emu in Virginia) $17,50  for  $13.50. 
    4oz   also available !

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